Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 T / R

Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 T / R



For motorboats and sailboats up to 3 tons, smart, efficient and eco-friendly

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Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 T / R electric outboard engine for motorboats and sailboats

The new Cruise generation models have been designed to meet the demanding challenges of everyday commercial use, making them ready to take on the harshest environmental conditions.

The long-distance specialist among the outboards continues to impress with unrivalled efficiency and outstanding range.

All models come equipped with all the high-tech and intelligent features of a true Torqeedo as standard.

Available with remote throttle (R) or tiller (T) control, in both 2.0 kW and 4.0 kW versions.

Despite its exceptional power, the Cruise remains a lightweight at only 16/17 kg.

Cruise 2.0 T – Benefits:

  • High-efficiency outboard with 2,000 W input power, equivalent to a 5 HP petrol outboard.
  • All Cruise models are suitable for inflatables and other small boats.
  • We recommend the Cruise 2.0 for dinghies and sailboats up to to 3 tons.
  • Rugged aluminium pylon with reinforced fin – extra robust even when running aground.
  • Shaft sealant rings mounted in protected area on the inside of the pylons
  • Highest-grade seawater-proof aluminium (AlMgSi1), hard-anodized for long service life, even in the harshest conditions.
  • Lubricant-free polymer plain bearings protect against damage from fishing lines or debris and provide improved mechanical support for propeller shaft – wear-resistant and maintenance-free.
  • Comprehensive galvanic corrosion protection through careful matching of all materials and meticulous isolation of materials with different electrochemical properties.
  • Aluminium fin coated in polyurethane foam provides additional protection from impact when running aground.
  • Everything is waterproof to IP67.

Cruise 2.0 with 1 x Power 26-104

Alternative: 2 x 12 V / 200 Ah AGM Batteries

SpeedSpeed in knots (km/h)Range in sm (km)Running time in hours:
Slow2.7 (5.0)27 (50)10:00
Full throttle6.0 (11.1)12 (22)02:00

When travelling through water, displacement increases power required in proportion to the cube (third power) of the speed. This means that doubling water speed increases the power required eightfold.

Conversely, it of course also means that only a slight reduction in speed will increase the range attainable significantly. Simply reducing speed by e.g. half a knot has a considerable effect on the remaining range.

Since mental arithmetic to the power of three is quite tricky, the on-board computer of the Cruise constantly calculates the remaining range for you. To do this, it combines the consumption data from the motor with the charge level of the batteries together with the speed over water obtained via GPS. This means you can read the remaining range in real time from the Cruise's display. Using the TorqTrac App you can even read the remaining range from a map on your smartphone.


 ItemCruise 2.0 TCruise 2.0 R
Input power in watts20002000
Propulsive power in watts11201120
Comparable petrol outboards (propulsive power)5 HP5 HP
Comparable petrol outboards (thrust)6 HP6 HP
Maximum overall efficiency in %5656
Static thrust in lbs*115115
Integrated battery--
Nominal voltage2424
Final charging voltage--
Total weight in kg17.5 (S) / 18.6 (L)17.5 (S) / 18.6 (L)
Motor weight without battery in kg--
Weight of integrated battery--
Shaft length in cm62.5 (S) / 75.5 (L)62.5 (S) / 75.5 (L)
Standard propellerv19/p4000v19/p4000
v = speed in km/h at p = power in watts
Alternative propeller optionsv30/p4000, v8/p350v30/p4000, v8/p350
Maximum propeller speed in rpm13001300
ControlTillerRemote throttle
 Steering360° lockableProvision to connect to standard remote steering; lockable
Tilting deviceManual with grounding protectionManual with grounding protection
Trim deviceManual, 4-stepManual, 4-step
Integrated on-board computerYesYes
Stepless forward/reverse driveYesYes

Torqeedo electric inboard and outboard engines

When they founded Torqeedo, concepts such as clean tech and electromobility had not yet been coined. But it was already obvious back in 2004 that electric motors would become increasingly important in the future due to global population growth, the growth of the middle classes around the world, limited oil reserves and efforts to limit global warming.

And since a good idea is also an obligation – the lack of competitive products on the one hand and the future significance of electric propulsion systems on the other gave rise to Torqeedo.


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