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NAVBOW+, the innovative underwater seascooter with dual propelling

Navbow+  is the first innovative under water seascooter with dual propelling, which allows you to tow several people at the same time. Equipped with 3 speed switches, it allows you to maneuver or travel at high speed with ease.
With its design, Navbow+  assures a perfect combination of stability and control. Lightweigh, portable and easy to use tanks to the two side buttons that allow an easy start and a quick stop, to ensure greater safety.
It supports one-handed operation, giving you the maximum flexibility underwater: you have the opportunity to dive deeper with a D-ring buckle and a tow rope that connects your body to the equipment.


NAVBOW+ Technical features

Thanks to the double propeller and 3 speed switches, Navbow+ allows you to switch from the minimum speed of 1 m/s to a maximum of 2 m/s, the same speedreached by the world champion of men's 200m freestyle. It has a rechargeable lithium battery and thanks to the industry-leading technology, it is able to operate at depths of 40m.

The OLED screen displays real-time data such as battery life, speed and added new functions like heading, depth, temperature.

Navbow+ can mount a Sublue photography platform where you can customize your

professional equipment, such as action cameras, waterproof LED light, float arm, etc. It can be DIY

modified according to your needs.

Connect your Navbow + to the Sublue app, you could record your diving experiences and track depth, water temperature, speed and much more. Plus, stay connected with friends by sharing everything on social media.



  •          Dimensions: 327x486x177mm
  •          Weight: 3,4kg
  •          Buoyancy: adjustable
  •          3 speeds: free:1 m/s; sport: 1,5 m/s; turbo: 2 m/s
  •          Max depth: 40m
  •          Battery: lithium (158wh)
  •          Battery life: 60 minutes
  •          Battery weight: 1100g
  •          Display OLED
  •          Interface: integrated support for smartphone and for action cameras or lights
  •          Balance bracket
  •          Digital compass
  •          Connection with Sublue App
  •          3 sinker weights
  •          D-Ring buckle for one-handed operations
  •          Tow rope
  •          Charger

Sublue Cleaning, Maintenance and Storage FAI DA TE

Whit Sublue you reduce management costs and increase product performance: thanks to the do-it-yourself cleaning and maintenance, the conservation of your Sublue will be optimal!



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