ePropulsion Navy 6 Tiller

ePropulsion Navy 6 With Throttle



Electric outboard motor comparable to a ten horsepower gasoline

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ePropulsion Navy 6 With Throttle, electric outboard motor 10 HP

The electric outboard motor Navy 6 of ePropulsion is designed to reduce noise, the environmental impact and maintenance, still be able to count on a total power of 6 kW, comparable to a normal petrol engine of 10 horse power. It was produced specifically for tender, dinghies, small sailboats of up to 4 tons, and all those applications that require an electric outboard motor easy to manage. It comes complete with throttle system, standard tiller steering mechanism, trim to six positions, water cooling, stem from 775mm and cables for the battery connection.

The characteristics of the electric outboard motor Navy 6

The study of efficiency has reached new levels with the electric outboard motor Navy 6, with the achievement of the overall average efficiency of 55%, which values far superior to what can be obtained with a normal internal combustion engine. Great milestone was also achieved in the noise making it ideal for activities such as fishing or sailing on the lakes. The maximum distance covered on full power is 7.5-10 kilometers or half an hour, arriving at the minimum speed (5 km/h), the duration of 8-10 hours to 40-50 kilometers of distance. The display on the throttle with appropriate calculations made at the moment, shows the user remaining charge time at current speed, so you can adjust remaining distance in a precise way with the residual charge. The magnetic safety key located on the throttle and once dropped, the motor stops immediately, solving man overboard situations. The total weight of the engine is 24.8Kg. Batteries are not supplied with the engine that requires four batteries 12V 125Ah connected in series in order to function to its fullest capacity.


  • Power: 6 KW (comparable engine 10 HP)
  • Static thrust: 280 lbs
  • Maximum speed propeller: 1550 Rpm
  • Weight long stem (775mm): 25.6 Kg
  • Attaching method: Two clamps with standard steering bar
  • Battery: Four 12V 125Ah marine totally sealed
  • Duration at low speed (5 km/h): 8-10 hours to approximately 40-50Km
  • Duration at medium speed (8-12 km/h): 2-3 hours to about 20-30km
  • Duration at high speed (18-21 km/h): 0.5 hours to about 7.5-10Km
  • Waterproofing: IP67
  • Integrated LCD functions: residual charge in volts, instantaneous power, hours remaining distance, speed

ePropulsion electric outboards engines


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