Jobe Multi Rider Eight Seaters

Jobe Multi Rider Eight Seaters




Professional towing Inflatable for eight seaters

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Jobe Multi Rider, Eight seaters professional banana boat

The professional towing banana boat of Jobe Multi Rider eight-seater has the typical shape of a banana and can accommodate up to eight people. Towing is done by attaching the rope with two points in order to reduce the stress of the inflatable material. The inflatable floor is equipped with rubber inserts so you can pull on the beach without damaging the cover. Its particular banana shape has been designed to reduce friction at minimum, therefore, consume less fuel during towing. Its stability allows the towing of the passengers safely. The total cover is made of nylon with a thickness of 0.9mm which is the most strong in the market and the inside rubber is at 34G that allows excellent durability combined with lightness. Several facilities such as high flow valve for inflating and side handles for the recovery from water, helps further to those who work with Jobe Multi Rider.

Jobe professional inflatable line

The Jobe towable inflatable line is designed to be used for rentals, for camping or resort, for prolonged periods and under stress, to respect international rules of towing in water in increasingly challenging environments and making the most of reliability on the products. The materials and processes used in the structure of Jobe professional inflatables ensure serenity to use throughout the season, thanks to the standard equipment and attention to the welfare of passengers.The professional inflatable line Jobe is easily recognizable by the colors used and gives full visibility in the water and out. Bluedream always recommend to buy an inflatable towable to reserve as not to miss a single instant work.



  • Eight seaters professional banana boat
  • Total nylon cover thickness 0.9mm
  • Rubber 34G with different thicknesses
  • Two towing attachment points
  • Rubber inserts under the inflatable
  • high air flow valves

Jobe watersports

Jobe is the mondial leader for what concern towable watersports. From inflatables to water ski, from wakeboard to kneeboards, accessories and clothing, Jobe set every year the trend to be followed.


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