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DinghyGo Nomad S




DinghyGo Nomad S the inflatable sailboat

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DinghyGo Nomad S the inflatable sailboat

Dutch made DinghyGo Nomad S is the inflatable sailboat for up to 3 persons. In a while you will mount it and you will be ready to sail all daylong. The DinghyGo Nomad S is easily stored into two bags, with a total weight of around 36 Kgs. With DinghyGo Nomad S you will be able to approach the coasts, sail in the middle of the sea, ride it with an outboard engine and even rowing with the series paddles. The easy assembling procedure will takes only ten to fifteen minutes, all the items will fit in a perfect way and have been made by excellent materials to last the sea strenght. The floor has one rigid part but is not hard type, it's pneumatic, so you can roll it up, this special feature makes the unit lighter. Everyone dream about having a tender that can work as a sailing dinghy, but the problem is the dinghies have a rigid hull so they are not so handy and you won't have so much room to bring with you your stuff, moreover usually they are not stable as a tender. DinghyGo solve these problems coupling an inflatable tender homologated for up to 375kg payload with the benefits of the sail.



The DinghyGo Nomad S is 2.30 meters long and 1.45m large, it can host up to 3 persons. The two bags store the inflatable bag, in the heavier one, and the accessories plus sailing items in the lighter one. Inside the second bag you will find the thwart/daggerboard holder, the mast step holder, the daggerboard, the rudder, the sail within three battens and all the blocks and lines, mast and boom. The assembling procedure is easy and all parts fit without any effort, following the right procedure supplied via the useful Youtube video, it will take not more than 35 minutes. The inflatable part is made by an hybrid material composed by polyurethane and PVC that, in the case of brokening, can be welded instead of glued. The pneumatic floor has one hard part to make it more resistant but however foldable and lighter than rigid floor ones. DinghyGo size is perfect to fit your boat as all other tenders, but you can use it both with the sail or with an outboard engine up to 2.5 hp.


What about sailing with DinghyGo Nomad S? Don't expect the speed you can reach with a conventional dinghy, but it can be defined reasonably fast, thanks to its 3.20 square meters sail, and really safe as its drift draft is 85 cm to prevent capsizing. The boom can be handled with one hand, so with the other you can set the direction through the rudder. The DinghyGo Nomad S is easy to sail also solo.

With a 2.5hp engine will run as the others 2.20 meters tenders. The DinghyGo Nomad S can be transformed into a normal tender only removing the rudder and installing the engine on the rigid stern, else you can take a rowing if you prefer. 


The DinghyGo Nomad S comes with all you need for both sailing and rowing, the engine is apart.

DinghyGo Nomad S in brief:

  • Lenght 2.30 m
  • Beam 1.45 m
  • Draft 0.85 m
  • Boat capacity 3
  • Payload 375 Kg
  • Outboard engine till 2.5Hp
  • Mast length 3.45 m
  • Boom length 1.75 m
  • Sail area 3.20 sm
  • Tender bag measures 1.00 x 0.52 x 0.30 m, weight 23 Kg
  • Sail and accessories bag measures 1.20 x 0.50 x 0.16 m, weight 13 Kg
  • Accessories supplied: tow and lift eyes, oars, manual pump, repair kit

N° Seats3
Lenght2,20 m
Width1,45 m
Height3,30 m
Dry weight40 Kg
ColourBlue e bianco
Lifetime warranty2 anni
EngineMax 3,5 Cavalli
Load capacity350 Kg

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