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DinghyGo 3 Nomad, the sailing boat for four people

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DinghyGo 3 Nomad, the sailing boat for four people

DinghyGo 3 Nomad is the Dutch sailing boat for four people. In a moment you will be able to sail for all day long. DinghyGo 3 Nomad can be stored easily in its two bags. With DinghyGo 3 Nomad you will be able to get to the shore, sailing in the sea, go with motor or row: three possibilities for the same tender. Spend naximum half an hour to assemble your DinghyGo 3 Nomad as all of its pieces recline effortlessly at the seat back. The materials used in the construction of DinghyGo 3 Nomad are very sturdy, specially designed to last in harsh environments such as the marine and, in addition, they are much lighter than the materials used for its predecessor DinghyGo 2. The bottom of DinghyGo 3 Nomad is pneumatic but provided with two rigid plates so as to ensure the hardness and, at the same time, the possibility of bending, all in a weight saving point of view. Everyone dreams a tender that allows to go for sailing, the problem is that they have the rigid hull dinghy, not much space on board and are unstable, therefore uncomfortable. DinghyGo 3 Nomad solves all these problems by joining a raft approved to transport up to 500 kg, with the benefits of sailing.


DinghyGo 3 Nomad is 2.75 meters long and 1:45 meters wide, that can accommodate up to four people. There are two bags, the heavier one bring the boat, and the accessories you need to set sail in the lighter bag. Within the second bag you will find the drift, support of the drift, the mast step, the rudder, the sail with three sticks, the two components of the boom and the three components of the tree, the oars, all the blocks and the tops, as well as the hand air pump. The assembly is fast and easy, as all the parts will fit perfectly in less than half an hour. The inflatable boat is made of a polyurethane and PVC composite material which, in case of breaking, can be welded instead pasted, thus ensuring greater duration of the repair. The bottom tire has two rigid plates positioned in a convenient manner to give the necessary rigidity to the hull and at the same time make it foldable and lightweight, when compared to those totally rigid. The size of DinghyGo are perfect to be hosted in your boat as all other requirements, but DinghyGo can be used in three different ways, sailing, motor or rowing. DinghyGo 3 Nomad is the lightest among the DinghyGo: the 20% reduction in weight compared to its predecessors that is improved in the transport and usability. 

The new Products DinghyGo 3 Nomad:

  • New colors (matte black/ red rear section)
  • Hull lightweight Valmex
  • light transom
  • New soft handles
  • New oar support (rear)
  • Sailing kit
  • Light mast
  • Light sailing dighy
  • Color Silver / gray, anodized aluminum spars scratch resistant
  • Handle drift with DinghyGo logo and indicator
  • There are no numbers on the sail


How to browse the DinghyGo 3 Nomad? Do not expect to reach the speed of a conventional dinghy, but it certainly can be defined reasonably fast, thanks to its sailing from 3.90 square meters, and very safe as the drift prevents scuffiate. The boom can be operated with one hand so the other can be used to control the steering.

With a motor of 8 HP the DinghyGo 3 Nomad will behave as other tenders from 2.7 meters, although just an engine of 4 HP to make it planar. The DinghyGo 3 Nomad can be transformed into a normal inflatable dinghy simply removing the helm, the drift, the sail and by mounting the motor on the rigid transom. Otherwise you can always rowing with given oars.


The DinghyGo 3 Nomad comes with everything you need to sail and row, the engine apart.

DinghyGo 3 Nomad in breif:

  • Length 2.75 m
  • Width 1.45 mDraft 0.85 m
  • 4 passengers
  • Load 500 kg
  • Maximum outboard engine 8Hp (6kW)
  • Shaft length 3:46 m
  • Boom Length 2.00m
  • Sail area 3.90 m2
  • Inflatable bag measures 1.12 x 0.72 x 0.32 m, weight 26 kg
  • Measures sail bag and accessories 20.1 x 0:50 x 0:16 m, weight 15 kg
  • Standard accessories: shaft (4 pieces, silver), boom (2 pieces, silver), tops and blocks, rowing, manual air pump, repair kit dinghy

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