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Zodiac Cadet 230 Aero + ePropulsion Spirit 1.0

Zodiac Cadet 230 Aero, superior quality with lightness

The inflatable boat Zodiac Cadet 230 Aero is a dinghy of 2.3 meters in length that can carry up to three passengers for a maximum load of 300kg. The boat can be powered with a short-stemmed outboard up to Four Horsepower.

Inflatable boat Zodiac Cadet

The Cadet series of Zodiac is the lightest and most compact of the range, and has nothing to envy to other branded products Zodiac. With aluminum motor mounting plate, with remote control and self-draining tubes with progressive capacity that ensures exceptional stability they are durable and built to the highest quality standards of Zodiac. Three limber boards are available: Aero, Alu and Roll Up. The Aero deck is constructed using the high-pressure technology, so you can get a very stiff but totally inflatable floorboard. The Roll Up floorboard consists of Roll Out slats that make semi-rigid bottom. The Aero deck is constructed using the high-pressure technology, so you can get a very stiff but totally inflatable floorboard. The Roll Up Roll Out floorboard consists of slats that make semi-rigid bottom. The floorboards Alu, as can be understood by the acronym, is composed of the best aluminum plates to hold out longer and give a strong base to the inflatable keel V that allows a fast and easy glide. The Zodiac Cadet models are equipped with removable bench with quick release, reinforced aluminum oars, carry bag, foot pump, repair kit.


  • Overall Length: 230cm
  • Internal Length: 144cm
  • Overall Width: 134cm
  • Internal width: 62cm
  • Tubular diameter: 36cm
  • Max capacity: 3 Person, 300kg
  • Dinghy weight: 24Kg
  • Motorization max: 4 HP, short stem
  • Folded dimensions: 100x57x29cm

ePropulsion Spirit 1, electric outboard motor

The ePropulsion electric outboard motor Spirit 1 is powered by a battery 1000Ah, by a total power of 1kW, comparable to a normal petrol engine of 3 horses. It was designed for the tender, the dinghies, small sailboats, and all those applications that require an electric outboard engine easy to handle, quiet, eco-friendly. With its built-in Li-Po's Spirit 1 ensures unprecedented duaration in the field of electric outboard motors. Ease in portability, application or in storage are some of the best qualities of the Spirit 1, thanks to the helm collapsible and removable battery.

The battery of the electric outboard motor Spirit 1

The use of a LiPo (Lithium Polymer) provides numerous advantages over regular batteries to Lithium Ion.First of all, the battery is lighter at the same current, charge faster and has a discharge current in the lower vacuum, reaching a charging capacity also 20% higher than the normal Li-Ion batteries. One of the unique characteristics of the battery to the Spirit 1 model is the unsinkable, thanks to the expert study of the battery volumes that can be launched into the water without sinking, thus eliminating any doubt about the battery management also in the water. Moreover, ePropulsion battery is IP67 certified, virtually waterproof.

The characteristics of the electric outboard motor Spirit 1

The study of efficiency has reached to new levels with the electric outboard motor Spirit 1, with the achievement of the overall average efficiency of 50%, which value far superior to what can be obtained with a normal internal combustion engine. Great milestone was also achieved in the noise, which arrives maximum at 60 dB, so as a buzz of conversation in the background. The maximum distance which can be followed on a single charge of the battery of Spirit 1 is almost sixty kilometers or seventeen hours in the lower speed and reaching at full speed, the duration of an hour to nine kilometers of journey. The display on the steering / accelerator with appropriate calculations made at the moment, the user shows the remaining charge time at current speed, so you can adjust remaining distance in a precise way with the residual charge. The magnetic safety key located on the steering wheel and once dropped, the motor stops immediately, solving man overboard situations. The overall engine weight is 19.4Kg of which 8.5Kg is the battery. Last but not less important feature is the almost complete absence of maintenance.


  • Power: 1 KW (comparable engine 3HP)
  • Static thrust: 69 lbs
  • Maximum speed propeller: 1200 Rpm
  • Weight short stem (650mm): 19.4 Kg
  • Weight long stem (775mm): 19.6Kg
  • Attaching method: Two clamps
  • Battery: LiPo 1000Wh, 8.5Kg weight, floating
  • Noise level: 60 dB
  • Duration at low speed (3.5 km/h): 17 hours to about 59.5 km
  • Duration at medium speed (5.2 km/h): 5 hours to approximately 27 km
  • Duration at high speed (9 km/h): 1 hour to about 9 km
  • Waterproofing: IP67
  • Integrated LCD functions: residual charge in Volt, instantaneous power, hours remaining distance

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