In this page you're going to find the answer to the most common questions we receive.

  • Who is Bluedream?

Bluedream is a Company born in 1996 to import and distribute recreational products otherwise unvailable in the italian territory. From its beginning, Bluedream staff put their effort to develope the market, starting from the powersport boats, passing by the pwc and the atvs, till arriving to all the products for your fun, the products you'll find on our internet site.

  • Why purchase from Bluedream?

Bluedream was estabileshed around twenty years ago, it's one of the recreative products distribution main reality, dealing with the best brands and with the highest aftersales standards, keeping the customer into high consideration. The most important warranties Bluedream can give to the customers are twenty years experiences, ISO 9000 certification, huge facility with more than 1000 square meters showroom and over 4000 square meters warehouse.


  • How to buy Bluedream products?

Bluedream, beeing exclusive distributor for most of its products, sells the products through a dealer and reseller net, directly through its three internet sites - www.bluedream.it, www.scuba-dream.com and www.ebikedream.com - or in the phisical shop located in Padua, where technical assistance is given.

  • How can I contact Bluedream?

Bluedream can be contacted:

- Via email: info@bluedream.it

- Through its internet sites, page contact us or customer service or using the chat online

- Through Skype, account consulenza.bluedream

- Through Facebook, by the official page

- Through Twitter, account @BlueDreamSpa

- Through ordinary mail service: Bluedream Srl, Viale dell'Industria 85, 35129, Padova (PD), Italy

...Or come to visit us!


  • Is it safe to buy on the internet?

Ordering or paying on internet is not risky by itself. There are two conditions to consider prior to:

A - Seller credibility and reliability

B - Protection in case of payment with credit card.

Bluedream is a wellknown company in the italian territory thanks to its seriousness and stability. From twenty years Bluedream works with all the most important italian powersport dealerships, ensuring an efficient service, the most reliable brands and the happiness of the over five thousand customers that chose a Bluedream product.

Bluedream, for what concern the payment with credit card, relies on Paypal and its bank payment transfer secure server. With these two methods your credit cards data will be kept by certified organizations, operating at the highest level speaking about safety.


  • How can I see what's in my cart and how can I buy it?

In the upper part of the monitor, in every Bluedream site page, you'll find the green button CART. Clicking on it you will access to your cart where you'll find all the information about the items you chose. Here you can adjust the quantity of each product you put into the basket, or even delete one or more items. From this page you can proceed to buy the items or to continue the shopping with two appropriate buttons.

  • How can I manage my account data?

Once you registered into one of our internet sites you'll be able to:

- Consult order history.

- Consult credit slips history and availability.

- Consult your addresses and modify them.

- Consult your own data and modify them.

- Consult your to be used vouchers.

- Consult your favourite items list.

- Consult the products reviews you wrote


  • How to be sure my order has been registered?

Bluedream internet sites immediately send you an email summarizing all the order data. Then, Bluedream will send an official document confirming your order and giving the final expected delivery date. This last document will report the order number as it appear on your account management panel.


  • May the goods be delivered to a different address than the one I chose as invoice address?

Surely, you can manage different addresses in two ways: during the order process, through your account panel.

  • How can I ask to replace or return the goods?

It's simple: just follow the instructions that you find on this page.


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