Ameo Powerbreather Lap Edition

Ameo Powerbreather Lap Edition




Breathing system for underwater sports

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Ameo Powerbreather Lap Edition, Snorkel for athletes

Have you ever wondered if there is a snorkel that can make you stay aligned with the head to the body and then submerged for over an hour? Well, the answer is Powerbreather! This innovative mouthpiece has been designed in order to make possible the continuous swimming for more than an hour, without suffering the fatigue due to the expulsion of water from the snorkel, and without suffering fatigue due to carbon dioxide and water vapor that always exists in the outlet tube of the normal nozzles. Powerbreather is therefore recommended for all those who go fishing, for swimmers who want to train with the continuous pace without having to worry about the wind, for all those who want to enjoy as long as possible we see the seabed while doing the snorkeling. From physical activity of professionals, to work, to fun the Powerbreather is all the way right tool for you!

Operating system of snorkel Powerbreather Lap Edition

At the base of the conception of Powerbreather there's a simple concept, delete everything that not need to man for breathing while swimming. When you breathe through Powerbreather aspires from outside and eject carbon dioxide through the valve on the mouthpiece, this means that, in contrary to what happens with regular snorkel, breathe only and always the pure air. At the same time the innovative ventilation system prevents the entrance of water in the suction pipe, so with certain models or accessories, it is also possible to turn or swimming in very rough water. Powerbreather was made with the user in mind, this is why the angle of the two suction tubes, called D Tubes for the shape of their section, that can be adjusted depending on the anatomy of the user. In addition, the rear fastening system to the Powerbreather, allows a comfort never experienced before. The entire system, once positioned and regulated, will be perfectly comfortable and immovable for each different user, making you hydrodynamic and leaving a 180 degree.

For whom and how the snorkel Powerbreather Lap Edition is!

The version Lap Edition is designed for athletes who want to test and improve the functioning of the lung muscles. The membranes of the intake pipes included in the Lap Edition package allow optimum adjustment of the force with which it sucks air, and lung muscles will be stimulated with each breath. The membrane system is ideal for those who can perform the turn in the pool. The Lap Edition comes in with a special slipcase, two standard suction tube extensions, two membranes for fast air flow, two membranes for slow air flow, a shutter suction pipe for turns or highly troubled waters..


  • Breathing system for athletes
  • Weight: 220g
  • Dimensions: 365x198x38mm
  • Angle adjustable suction tubes
  • Size adjustment system in a hand
  • Contains two standard extensions
  • Contains two fast-flow membranes
  • Contains two slow-flow membranes
  • Contains an inlet shutter for turning
  • Supplied in a Lap Edition package


In the beginning there was the vision of an enthusiastic swimmer. Mathias Weigner, a specialist in German studies living on the Balearic Islands, wished nothing more than “man moving easier and freely” in water. He developed the idea for a breathing apparatus perfectly molding to the head and providing the swimmer with fresh air at all times. The POWERBREATHER idea was born.

This was years ago. A revolutionary idea takes more than one person believing in it for becoming reality: developers and product designers, investors and experienced managers. With AMEO a confident, interdisciplinary team is backing the POWERBREATHER today. We are all enthusiastic, active athletes who have come together to launch meaningful and beneficial products in the market. We are united in our enthusiasm for the POWERBREATHER and the potential it offers to athletes of all classes. It is our objective to give swimmers, triathletes and snorkelers a very new feeling of freedom in the water. At the same time we want to encourage people to stretch their limits, discovering new horizons. In the pool and far beyond.

AMEO is headquartered in Starnberg near Munich, Germany. Its home is in the Bavarian “Five-Lake Region” – the region with one of the finest landscapes where one can swim in open water.


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